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Oscar Kryger

WELDERS INVENTORY *500 ft HD Weld Cable *Boxes of 532 and 3/16 Weld Rod *Large Asst of Weld Tools *Ridgid Threader & Pipe Vise *Chain Hoist w 14' Reach *Screw Tops for Pipe Stands *Pipe Stands w Rollers *2 Pipe Racks *2 HD 8 ft Metal Saw Horses

WELD MATERIAL *23 of 30 ft x 2 7/8 Drill Stem *43 of 30 ft x 23/8 Pipe *Assortment of 4/6/8/16 Pipe *17 Bundles of Appx 25 of Cold Bar Rod *Pipe Press Frame *2 of 3 ft x 10 ft Metal Grating *40 Metal Burn Barrels *20 Metal Antique Wheels *76 Chev 1 Ton w Metal Weld Deck, 350 V8 for Salvage *Lots of Salvage Iron

LIVESTOCK EQUIP *Full Pipe Bale Feeder 30 ft x 10 ft x 5 ft Hi *7 of 30 ft Free Stand Panels *9 Metal Feed Troughs *Large Plastic 1000 gl Water Tank *FM Schaeffer Hyd Post Pounder *16 ft Southland Horse Trailer/Fair *12 ft NH 495 Hay Bine w New Cutter Bar, But Needs Gear Box *Truck
Frame w Pipe Rnd Bale Frame *Vemeer 605 C Baler

RESTORE/REBUILD/SALVAGE *8 ft PTO Golf Course Groom Mower *86 Jeep Cherokee w new clutch *04 Dodge 2500 Crew Cab *12' x 8' Flat Deck Trailer w BH Case 930 Tractor *16 ft FG Boat w Trailer, 70 hp Peterborough O/B *Peddle Boat *School Bus for Storage *1950? 1 Ton Truck in Good Appearance for Restore

Oscar Kryger

County of Barrhead, AB

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